The best thing I could of done with my life! The teachers are so amazing and helpful with everything. Ms Lilianna is so sweet and always has a smile on her face. The best women you could ask to teach you. It was an amazing experience and I recommend it to everyone! It’s legit and very informational. Better education in 11 weeks here than you would get being in school for a year! Hands down!

Tristen King, Houston, TX. 2016

This by far was the best choice I have made for not only myself, but for my family. After graduating (WITH HONORS, which I never thought I could do) I landed a job at an Orthodontist literally 5 minutes from my house. I had no idea how to go about interviews or even my resume, but thanks to Ann it was a breeze. She was always a phone call away and supported me 100%. Academy for Dental Assisting prepares you for everything imaginable when it comes to a job. I was fortunate enough to attend this school and you are missing out if you choose otherwise smile emoticon I refer everyone to this school. Bonus, why would you pass up 11 Saturdays to become an assistant to help create someone’s smile?

Thanks for all you have done Ann.

Ashley R., 2014

Their goal is to produce great dental assistants, with great technique, in a timely manner so that they can go into the field as soon as possible. This is a quality school that actually cares about their students and their success. They have small classes for this reason. They want to have small enough classes to be able to teach and help the students one on one. On class days, the first half of the day is lectures and the second is clinical practice. Of course, the clinical practice is usually everyone’s favorite part because it is hands on. However, the instructors Ann, Chelsea, and Jessica make the lectures enjoyable as well. There were always videos or games that the class would play to help us review our previously learned material. During the clinic we were able to work in an actual dental office to get the feel of how things will be. They took the time to make sure that every student was able to perform each task correctly, name the instruments, and know procedures to be able to assist the dentist. The help from the instructors doesn’t stop there. Ann helps you find a doctor’s office to do your externship at. The instructors at this school are there to assist you from the very beginning to the very end. I am very happy I found this school to help me start my career. I would highly recommend it.

Karissa J., Odessa, TX. 2014

Ann and Chelsea,I wanted to take time to thank you both so much for all the hard work you put towards teaching me. I started off taking an on-line dental assisting course and about 3 weeks into it I was so bored. I felt like all I was doing was reading and testing. I was so happy when I discovered your school. Not only did it allow me to have hands on experience but it was so much fun. I enjoyed that the classroom was small in size for the simple fact I felt like I had more one on one time. I love how passionate you both are about what you do because its very encouraging. I know that everything I learned in this course I will take with me. I also enjoyed the fact that we only had to meet once a week. I have two girls and that made my life so much easier. I wanted to say not only am I going to miss all the laughter and fun…study hard, ask TONS of questions…and DON’T over think things as I did. Once again thank you so much for offering this course. I wish you both the best of luck in continuing your teaching.

Robin V., Kileen, TX. 2013

At the Academy For Dental Assisting I received excellent hands on
training in an intimate classroom environment. The instructors were
not only teachers but were mentors. They were passionate about
dentistry and eager to share the advice they gained through many years
in the field. They also helped me with my resume and look for a job. I
gained a tremendous amount of clinical experience in the program which
gave me a lot of confidence as a new dental assistant. If you want a
flexible and nurturing environment, choose Academy For Dental Assisting!

Jennifer S., Houston, TX. 2011

Great experience her at Academy for Dental Assisting. Ann, Jessica, Rita and Chelsea are all great instructors and people. The course and program it self is very straightforward and prepares you with exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. Very hands on as well which is great for when you start working in the field you will already come in having experience. All the staff does their ultimate best for the benefit of you! Really makes you feel cared for.

Allan R.

My experience was great, it was all I was looking for a small classroom, teachers that would actually answer all your questions, hands on training, and it was a fast course. I loved that it was only 3 months, and only Saturday’s so it really worked with my schedule. I would recommend anybody that is interested in being a dental assistant to assist this school.

Yahaira M.

I am very happy with the overall outcome of choosing Academy for Dental Assisting. I admit, at first I was a little hesitant about taking such a short term course. I wondered how I could gain dental knowledge within an 11 week period of time. It was definitely worth the risk and money. Chelsea and Ann taught me everything I needed to learn and more. With their help, halfway into the program my externship turned into a career. My life took a major unexpected turn; I went form a boring average job to a career in dental assisting in a matter of weeks. It was a wonderful experience I will never forget. Ann and Chelsea are great inspirations. I would recommend the Academy for Dental Assisting to everyone I know.

Van V., Houston, TX. 2011

The instructors could not have been more helpful and patient. I loved all the hands-on training and feel very well prepared for being a dental assistant.

Jennifer S., Houston, TX. 2011

I just love my new career. I can’t thank you enough for your inspiring 11 weeks of training. You’ve changed my life.

Courtney T., Houston, TX. 2011
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