Frequently Asked Questions

from Prospective Students

Do I need to send in transcripts?

No, we do not require transcripts.

Do I need to be a High School graduate or GED?


How big is the class size?

We limit the class to no more than 15 students.

How come your school is only 11 weeks and others are one year?

Other schools pay their curriculum with things like BASIC MATH, ENGLISH, SCIENCE and other subjects which have nothing to do with being a dental assistant. This is done in order to make the course a yearlong which then qualifies for GOVERNMENT AID programs.

Do you take Pell grants, WIA or other government aid programs?

No, because our program is limited to 11 weeks, we do not qualify for government aid programs.

How much is the Dental Assisting course?

The program is $3,450.00

How much is the Administrative Dental Assistant course?

The program is $1895.00

Is your program accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by the Texas Workforce Commission and licensed to train you to be employed as a dental assistant.

Will credits from your program transfer to college or Dental Hygiene school?

No, no college credits will be transferable.

Will I get a degree or certificate?

All dental assisting programs are certificate programs. None currently are college degree programs.

Will your program enable me to get a job as a dental assistant?

Yes, you will be fully trained and ready for employment as a dental assistant.

What does a dental assistant typically make starting out?

You can expect to make around $8 – $16 per hour at an entry level dental assistant. Each office is an independent business so salaries vary.

What does a Front Desk Administrative Dental Assistant typically make starting out?

You can expect to make around $8 – $16 per hour as a new hire. Each office is an independent business so salaries vary.

Do dental offices pay benefits once I start working?

After a brief probationary period, most dental offices offer benefits to their employees; therefore each office is an independent business and has its own policies regarding this.

Do you have placement services for your students?

Yes! We network with varies dental offices in Houston and surrounding areas. Such as Sugar Land, Katy, Tomball, Humble, Baytown, Clear Lake and much more.

I’ve been arrested before (or have a criminal record), can I be accepted into the program?

We do not accept persons with prior Felony criminal records into our program.

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