We at Academy for Dental Assisting welcome you to a new, innovative course in dental assisting. We offer a course designed to give you the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to start your new career as a Dental Assistant, at a minimum cost of time and expense.

We offer this opportunity from the perspective of a practicing dentist and experienced dental assistants in the setting of an actual dental office. While we seek to give you exposure to a wide range of techniques, materials, and dental knowledge. We will focus on the skills that we as dentist see as “core necessities” for job placement.

Job opportunities for trained dental assistants are demanding in today’s marketplace. While one can not guarantee job placement, the dental field is currently facing a shortage of well-trained dental assistants. If one examines the want ads for dental assistants, virtually all jobs require experience. How can you get a job without experience and how can you get experience without a job? With our course, we believe that gap can be bridged in a minimal amount of time at a reasonable cost. Welcome to Academy for Dental Assisting!

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Academy for Dental Assisting is based on the belief that people can be trained in a relatively short period of time to enter the world of the professional dental assisting. We believe that our course will prepare any motivated individual to get their first job. We also believe that the amount of “on the job” experience and not just classroom hours, is the best teacher. Therefore, it is our purpose to equip each student with the basic skills necessary to enter the workplace and begin to gather experience. We also feel that our many years in the profession not only qualifies us to teach these skills, but also gives us the opportunity to impart with “golden nuggets” we have discovered along the way.


This course of study came into being as a result of conversations between dentists. Every dentist recognizes the importance of a well-trained dental assistant, in helping him/her provide good service to his or her patients. This reduces stress on both the patients and the doctor, keeping the practice growing and profitable.  The basic framework for our curriculum is patterned to give our students the necessary experience to enter the dental assisting career.

Training solution for dental assisting

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